pest-control-dallas-fort-worth-tx-ameritech-pic Pest Control Fort Worth TX Termite Treatments: We have over 50,000 happy customers since 1982. Why choose Ameritech pest control of Dallas Fort Worth? Ameritech Termite & Pest Control is a locally owned business that focuses on the total removal of all of your bugs, ants, spiders etc. Ameritech was founded in February of 1982 by current President and CEO Craig Martin and was started with just one truck and one applicator which was Craig Martin. As of today Ameritech Pest Control has grown to over 30 pest control technicians and over 50,000 satisfied customers all over the DFW Metroplex. If you are dealing with a termite, unwanted animals, ticks, fleas, bed bug, fire ants or other pest control need in Fort Worth TX you need a company that cares about its customers and one that you can trust to do the job right the first time. At Ameritech Termite & Pest Control we pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and doing the job right every time. We have being doing it this same way since 1982 and have been proudly servicing businesses and homes in the Dallas Fort Worth for over 30 years..ameritech-pest-control-dallas-fort-worth-tx-pic

Home Pest Control

Pest Control Fort Worth TX Termite Control: If you need pest control service for your home, condo or apartment complex Ameri-Tech has over thirty years experience.

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Bees Wasps & Ants

Fire Ant Control Fort Worth TX Wasp & Bee Control: Ameri-Tech pest control can help keep the mosquitoes, wasps, ants, rodents and snakes away from your yard.

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Termite Treatments

Termite Control Fort Worth TX Termite Treatment: Termites live in colonies in the dirt or soil not inside a home or building, they like moist wood and paper products in high humidity areas.

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Mosquito Spider Wasp

Fire Ant Control Fort Worth TX Mosquito Spraying: Texas evenings can be wonderful, unless the flying insects are out of control, Ameritech can helping folk enjoy their yards pools and BBQ's.

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Business & Restaurants

Commercial Pest Control Fort Worth TX Restaurants have a unique set of pest control problems, warm areas with lots of food, Ameritech Pest Control has years of experience.

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Apartments & Motels

Apartment Pest Control Fort Worth TX Motel Hotel Pest Control: Apartment or condo projects one person can have a pest problem that travels very quickly to the other units.

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Raccoons Pigeons Mice

Rodent Control Fort Worth TX Animal Removal: If you are having a problem with mice, rats, racoons, possums, fox, squirrels, pigeons or any other rodents please call Ameritech.

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Flea Tick Treatment

Bed Bug Control Fort Worth TX Flea & Tick Treatment: Ameritech Pest Control has over 30 years experience with bed bugs, fleas and ticks. If your home, office or business is experiencing an infestation.

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Why Ameri-Tech Pest Control & Termite

With over 50,000 happy customers in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area why not give the pest control experts at Ameri-Tech Pest Control a call at 817-589-2844 if you have any type of pest control problem like, fire ants, wasps, bed bugs, ticks or fleas, termite infestation, mice, rodent or any other concern in Fort Worth TX.

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